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Man...it's been a while [Jul. 9th, 2004|01:23 pm]
Deviant Icons


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[music |Some TV show....]

Well I put up a few more Icons.....In the J-pop/J-rock and other people section((2 :: Gackt, 2 :: Marilyn Monroe and 1 :: Random person.)) so check them out here I also added some more Final Fantasy Icons ((FFIX :: 1 FFX2 :: 4)) so check those ones out too. They are.... here And that's probably the end of the entries today...I might add a few color bars for you guys to nab ((Gackt, Utada Hikaru and a Gay pride one)) but that's only if I feel like putting them up. And other than that there isn't much more...aside from the FO banners I put up..which can be found here. I hope everyone enjoys them and if you are gonna kelpto any...then be sure to credit xdviantdvotionx  or  _simplenclean_  in keywords, kay? And once again Request are stil open just be sure to follow the request rules and I'll be more than happy to make something for you, kay? Well....catch you all around!! And everyone please start promoting...I don't want the community to die!! ;~; So promote, promote and promote some more!!